John Lundberg

His introduction to the web was in 1995 when he set up the circlemakers website, home of England's crop circle makers. The site has received several awards, including Guardian Site of the Year and a Yell UK Web award, as well as numerous favorable reviews in the media.
His background is in the fine arts. He received a BA(Hons) Fine Art from Middlesex University, an MA (Sculpture) from the Slade School of Art and exhibited for 5 years before taking an MA in Hypermedia at The University of Westminster. He has worked with the artists Langlands and Bell, given lectures on his work as an artist and taught at several universities.
John was born on the 5th December 1968 and assuming nothing untoward happens to him, it is estimated that he should be dying around about the 16th February 2048.
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John Lundberg

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